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Article - About us

Welcome to the Dutch Association in Zurich (NVZ for short), founded in 1955, an active club for Dutch people living in and around Zurich. At the moment the club has more than 600 registered members, families, expats and more Dutch people staying in Zurich. The association is the largest Dutch network in Switzerland, but is usually characterized by the small scale of activities. The NVZ ensures Dutch cosiness in Swiss life. On this site you will find information about all our activities from Queen's Day to St Nicholas Party. You can also read here how to register as a member of the NVZ. An individual membership costs CHF 50.00 and a family membership CHF 75.00 per year. We would like to welcome you to our activities! The articles of association of the NVZ are accessible to members on the website in the section "Newsletters and articles of association"